Bedroom Updates with Rugs USA

By now you guys know I am a huge fan of Rugs USA. I have purchased rugs from them before, used them, cleaned them with the top robot vacuum, collaborated with them, and I’m thrilled to collaborate with them again to show you guys updates with our master bedroom.
When we moved in this room was a light, mint green color which made it feel dark and dated. The first thing I did was paint the walls Benjamin Moore’s White Dove which is my absolute favorite white. I cannot even tell you guys how many white paints I tried before settling on this one which sounds bizarre, but it’s true. All of the whites I tried were either too yellow or too blue. I didn’t want cream and I also didn’t want to be blinded – I just wanted a classic white that didn’t feel too cold. This is a warm white without yellow undertones and I highly recommend.
Next step was our bed, which is a custom design from Mod Shop. My mom helped us design it and it is honestly the bed of my dreams. I am a huge fan of peacock blue (it was the wall color in our last bedroom) and J likes it too. The headboard itself is pretty glam (although I steered away from nailhead trim to avoid it being too glam), so I liked the idea of a gender neutral color that was still bold.
I got the bedding from Amazon, and it’s definitely a nice look for the price but will probably not last just through another year if I’m being honest. The lamps are vintage and the lampshades are from Lamps Plus (I was obsessed with the gold on gold look). If you are in need of a lampshade you should definitely check out their site. I was very particular about wanting gold lampshades and searched high and low before finding them there – they have a ton of options.
We aren’t quite done with the room – I want to add some architectural molding to the walls and possibly mirrors above the nightstands, but the room is feeling 90% more complete with our new rug addition. This is the Standard Shag Greek Flokati from Rugs USA in salt & pepper. I wanted something soft on our feet, neutral colored, but also with some texture. I love that the mixture of black and white give the rug some interest that a solid colored rug wouldn’t otherwise do. The best part? The pups LOVE to lay on it which makes me a happy fur mama. If the dogs love it, I guess that’s all that matters. After finding out my love for rugs, many family members and friends have started getting recommendations from each other to find out where they can purchase a variety of rugs for their home. Some looked into site like, where others visited high street stores and others came to me for advice, which felt great.

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The rug is 70% off right now and if you’re in the market I highly recommend it! A few things to keep in mind; you will need a rug pad for this because there is no rubber bottom and it will slip (think a thick blanket type of rug). Also, it is real wool so it will shed! It works perfectly in our bedroom because it’s not a super high traffic area but might not be the best for a spot where people walk a lot. It really is an amazing rug for the price, and super high quality.
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  1. Wednesday, January 28, 2015 / 6:33 pm

    omg you did an awesome job decorating this room! I loooove the bed, night table, lamp and that print frame too! your dogs are adorable and the rug looks so comfy. I will definitely be looking into this company for rugs because the ones I got recently just don't cut it! thanks for sharing this! xx. gigi.

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