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Every year I tell myself… next year will be different! Next year I’ll have all my Christmas presents ordered by Black Friday! And every year, I find myself still scrambling to get a few last minute presents. Am I alone in this? I hope not!

Either way, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite last-minute gift ideas that you can still get in time for Christmas (if you celebrate of course!) I’ve picked a lot of things I already currently own as I’ve put them to the test and know they are worth the splurge! I hate to recommend a bunch of stuff I’ve never tried before to you guys, so this way you know it’s good. Many of the things have been personal life-savers of mine so I know a loved one of yours will appreciate them too.

If you’re still feeling stumped, we did a holiday gift guide episode on The Vegan View (watch it here), and a couple of the things we recommended are subscription box type gifts which will definitely still make it in time for the holidays, since you can just print off a copy of the order and let them know it’s coming. I also have a couple of beauty videos up on my YouTube (part one here, part two here) in case you’ve got a makeup lover in your life who would appreciate some beauty products.

I would love to know in the comments, what’s the BEST gift you’ve ever received?

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