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With each year that goes by I’m realizing how important skincare really is. It’s something I wish I would have paid more attention to when I was younger, but I also think it’s never to late to start caring. This past year I’ve talked about my struggles with acne, overcoming it and my favorite products (see that video here). I’ve now turned my focus on preventative actions to keep my skin from developing unnecessary wrinkles.

When Pairfaire Medical Aesthetics in Pasadena reached out about their “Red Carpet Lift”, also known as the Forma treatment, I couldn’t wait to find out more. I’ll be doing three separate treatments with them and will be sharing each experience with you guys, and whether or not I see results (I will be honest!)

hannah-hagler, blogger, vegan-beauty-blogger, parfaire-forma-treatment, forma-treatment review


First you’re probably wondering — what is a Forma treatment? Basically it is a non-invasive procedure that uses radio frequency to target deep in the skin’s layers to build collagen and improve skin elasticity. It’s a treatment used to fight early signs of aging or even prevent them. As we age our skin loses collagen and elasticity, and this helps rebuild the lost collagen by working on the skins’ deepest layers. Dr. Winnie Moses performed the treatment on me and answered so many of my questions. She is extremely knowledgeable and evidently passionate about skincare.

red carpet lift, hannah-hagler, blogger, vegan-beauty-blogger, parfaire-forma-treatment, forma-treatment review


While facials and things like that are still great, they usually only reach the first few layers of our skin, and you need them more frequently. Forma lasts 9-12 months, and the results actually get better with time. The heat from the radioactive frequency actually “injures” the skin, and the body’s natural reaction is to produce collagen anywhere there is an injury. It produces your own collagen which is so amazing, and in my opinion, this is what you should be doing before looking at any type of fillers or injectables.


I spoke to Dr. Moses about my concerning areas, which are my smile lines (my foundation is creasing here a lot lately), underneath my chin (no one likes a double chin), my neck (I have small horizontal lines), and my cheeks (I would like to see more volume there). She focused primarily on these areas, although if you feel you have crows feet, or forehead wrinkles, you can certainly do Forma there as well. (I also want to note that I am very aware these are not huge or apparent issues, and not something that keeps me up at night — I am looking at these areas to treat as a preventative measure, for the future.)

hannah-hagler, blogger, vegan-beauty-blogger, parfaire-forma-treatment, forma-treatment review


I expected the procedure to hurt but it was actually really comfortable and almost soothing in a way. No pain at all. It just feels like a very hot stone is rubbed on your face over and over again. Dr. Moses constantly checked in with me to see if it was too hot or painful and would slowly raise the temperature to make sure it was comfortable. It was super quick, and I left looking like my normal self. My face was slightly pink for about an hour or so after, but nothing crazy so this is definitely a procedure you can have done during your lunch break and head back to work after.

hannah-hagler, blogger, vegan-beauty-blogger, parfaire-forma-treatment, forma-treatment review


I really didn’t expect to see a difference right away – especially considering the results get better over time, but I instantly noticed my face was more plump, the texture was more smooth, and some of my fine lines were completely gone. I almost felt like I went back in time a few years and had my high school skin back. It’s been exactly a week today since the procedure and my skin has never, ever looked better. I’ve got my 2nd appointment coming up and I seriously can’t wait! Stay tuned as I’ll be sharing the 2nd and 3rd treatments as well.

As of right now, if you’re looking to try this treatment out I would highly recommend it, especially at Parfaire if you’re a Southern California local.


  1. Saturday, August 26, 2017 / 1:45 am

    I’m the exact same, the older I get the more I realise how important skincare is, and how badly I’ve neglected my skin over the years! I definitely need to take better care of it!

    I hope you have a lovely Saturday!

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