10 Courthouse Wedding Dress Ideas (Vegan-Friendly!)

10 Courthouse Wedding Dress Ideas

Now that I am a courthouse bride expert (haha), I wanted to share 10 courthouse wedding dress ideas. You may know if you follow me on Instagram, that Jesse and I legally tied the knot on 11/07/2020! When we learned our destination wedding had to be postponed to late 2021, we threw out a lot of options. We ultimately decided to do a courthouse elopement in anticipation for our big day in 2021 was the best option for us. More on that in a future post — because I can’t WAIT to share those photos with you all.

For now, I wanted to round up some of the dresses I considered for our courthouse elopement, in case you are in the same shoes! I really found this part difficult. I’m extremely picky when it comes to dresses. So much so that when I was in high school I almost always altered my dress to be a different style — or in one case I had it completely made from scratch by hand. I had pictured the day I married Jesse to be the day I get to wear my beautiful (already purchased and sent to me) wedding gown – but knowing I had to save that for 2021 left me feeling a bit defeated. I ended up ordering quite a few of these (and LOVED them, hence why they are on this list) and wearing option 2.

Option 2 is the Frankie dress from Rime Arodaky, an all vegan + cruelty-free wedding dress designer based in France. It is truly my dream elopement dress – short, flirty, and fun, with a classic high neckline, long sleeves, an open back and beautiful sheer lace. I knew this dress was perfect for me because this is the type of silhouette I feel best in.

While I LOVED the Bronx & Banco Medeleine dress, and it was beautiful on, I had to admit that it’s just not the best silhouette for my body type, and it’s not what I feel comfortable in. My best tip would be to first pick a silhouette you know you love and order a few options in those, then try one or two in a different silhouette just in case you’re surprised (you never know!) I do think the most important thing is that you feel beautiful and confident, so go with your gut.

We are super excited to be married and I hope these posts about our elopement will help those of you who are also COVID Brides & Grooms. It’s been a wild year, but there are no rules in 2020 – live your best married or engaged life!


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  1. Tuesday, December 29, 2020 / 5:51 pm

    I absolutely love that white blazer dress, it’s so unique. Never seen anyone wear something like that before

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