10 Sustainable Holiday Gift Ideas

This year I wanted to focus on sustainable holiday gifts that would serve a purpose and be practical. I think many of us are totally overwhelmed with all the neverending sales, the neverending pressure to buy stuff, and the feeling like we “need” anything when in reality, we don’t.

I’ve gone through some major purging of “stuff” in the past year and it’s really made me realize that things don’t bring happiness. So instead of focusing on fluffy things we don’t need, I rounded up 10 sustainable holiday gifts that will most likely get put to use by your friends and family — so you can holiday shop in peace.

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  1. To-Go Ceramic Coffee Cups – I’m a BIG fan of reusable cups. What I love about these is I think they are a great transition for someone who might not be used to using sustainable/reusable items. Let’s say your mom loves the taste of coffee in her ceramic mug, she can still have that on the go just pop the lid on and you’re ready to go. I love that these look just as pretty without the lid so you can use them at home too. More bang for your buck that way.
  2. Dagne Dover Backpack – When it comes to sustainability I think it’s important to think about PRACTICAL gifts that will be used by the recipient. I’m sure there are many people in your life who could use a good, quality backpack. I love this one because it has a compartment for the laptop, and is made of a neoprene material that not only looks cool, but it’s easy to clean.
  3. Robe – Have I ever done a gift guide on here without a robe?! I think not. And with good reason! Robes are a luxury – and not something people think to buy for themselves. Especially one as fancy as this one! It’s made in an eco-friendly way with non-toxic materials and looks so cozy.
  4. Stasher Bags – My dream is to have a rainbow assortment of these in my pantry. I have some myself and use them for EVERYTHING. Need to take my toothbrush somewhere on the go? Stasher bag. Little toiletries on the plane? Stasher bag. Small amounts of makeup? Stasher bag. Snacks? Stasher bag. You get the idea. While I primarily use them for leftovers and lunches – they are so versatile and so easy to clean. Just pop them in the dishwasher when you’re done.
  5. Marley’s Monsters Reusable Makeup Pads & Container – I haven’t looked back since switching to reusable makeup pads – not a cotton ball in sight! It feels good to know you can reduce waste with something like this that is done every day. I have the white ones, but I do find them hard to keep clean so I’m suggesting the black ones here.
  6. AeroGarden – I feel terrible whenever I throw away unused herbs and it happens frequently when using them for recipes! I love the idea of an indoor herb garden to grow your own herbs and vegetables to reduce waste. This would be such a fun project and gift — I think a lot of people would love to receive this.
  7. Lush Bath Bombs & Products – Lush is my go-to for Christmas gifts. Who doesn’t want to receive some smell good-sparkly bath bomb or bubble bar?! I love that you can create your own little gift or they have pre-made gifts you can buy as well. If you want to go totally zero-waste you can – as a lot of their products don’t have packaging.
  8. Soy Candle – These candles from P.F. Candle Co. are my fave. They smell SO good and last forever. The jars are so cute and can easily be reused to hold homemade beauty products. You could attach a recipe for a homemade beauty product as instructions for what to use the jar for when the candle is done.
  9. Essential Oils/Rollers Holder – This gift would work for anyone — your friend who is already obsessed with oils – or your friend who has never used them before! I would give this holder with an assortment of oils or rollers – each one customized to your friend/family members needs! Some ideas could be a stress roller, a sore muscles roller, an energy roller, the list goes on. Leave a little note explaining why each roller is good for their life and how to use it.
  10. Angela Roi Bag – Angela Roi bags are truly stunning and anyone who appreciates beautiful bags in your life will appreciate this as a gift. I pictured the Cher Tote because I think it’s a great gift for the college student, recent graduate, or working person — but I love so many of their bags as you will see in this video of my designer vegan bag collection. They are ethically & sustainably made, and of course vegan.

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