BABY: What I Registered For

One thing I found to be super overwhelming after finding out I was pregnant is ALL of the things you’ll need to get just for the baby – and creating a registry with all the baby registry must-haves. I’ve been told you won’t need NEARLY as much as you think you will so I tried to keep it to super practical items that are also aesthetically pleasing.

I’m also the type of person who won’t buy anything with bad reviews (unless I know someone personally who used it and loved it), so I did a lot of research on all of these things! I asked a lot of mom friends, watched TikTok & YouTube reviews, and came up with the below registry.

A lot of the bigger items were also gifted, or something I got secondhand on Facebook Markeptlace — I HIGHLY recommend checking that out first. Babies only use things for a few months or so, and it’s so much more sustainable to get things secondhand if you can.

(click on the item above to shop, or use the links below)


+ Burp Cloths: I registered for two different kinds – this for a more bang-for-your buck (in apricot white and dark green) and this for a splurge (in roman green/fog and fall yellow/fog).

+ Diaper Caddy/Basket

+ OxoTot Bottle Brush & Stand



+ Wet Dry Bag for Diapers/Dirty Clothes etc.

+ Keekaroo Peanut Changer


+ and Extra Bags

+ Baby Bumco Brush






+ Itomoro Baby Car Camera & Screen


+ Stroller Activity Toy

+ Crinkle Sensory Toy & Teether


+ Lalo Play Gym



+ & 





+ Saranoni Receiving Blanket


+ Fisher Price Snugapuppy Swing


+ High Chair Splat Mat

+ Mushie Teether

+ Wood & Silicone Teether

+ Mushie Silicone Snack Cup


+ EZPZ x Babylist First Foods Set

+ WeeSprout Glass Storage Containers

+ Frida Baby Teether

+ Lalo First Bites Kit

+ Wabi Bottle Santizer

+ Ryan & Rose Pacifiers

+ Mushie Pacifier Holder Case


+ Kyte Baby Zipper Footies (assorted colors & sizes)

+ Goumi Chunky Knit Sweater

+ KeaBabies Organic Bandanas

+ Honest Baby 10 Pack Bodysuit (0-3 mos)



Not listed:

Bassinet: The Snoo (we got on Facebook Marketplace with the matching for an absolute STEAL)

Comment below with your baby registry must-haves!

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