My 2018 Makeup Favorites – Vegan + Cruelty-Free

Hi hello how’s it going? I’ve been a wee bit silent on this little old blog as I’ve been focusing a lot on YouTube — both my own channel and The Vegan View. But I do want to post here when things feel relevant, and this is one of those things!

One of my biggest passions is finding quality cruelty-free and vegan beauty products and I’ve dedicated my life to it over the past few years. It’s important to me to support brands that are not testing products on innocent animals (which can result in disease, infection and even death), and it’s important to me to use products without nasty ingredients like crushed beetles or bat poop.

In 2018 I tried a lot of products but the ones I mention in this video are the ones I feel comfortable recommending to my best friend — and that’s you guys. So I hope you enjoy and find some new products you love!

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