My ALL Vegan Mini-Moon at Palmaïa

I found paradise, and it’s in Playa del Carmen, MX. After our destination wedding, we knew we wanted to do NOTHING but chill and let our brains relax. Honestly, this was the best thing we could have done for ourselves. Planning a wedding for 2 years, in a destination we were not able to see in person because of 2020, came with numerous anxieties. When the wedding finally happened it was the highest high of our lives, so going somewhere chaotic off the bat didn’t make sense.

In my research of the ultimate vegan getaway, I found Palmaïa, a plant-based by default resort on the white sandy beach of Playa del Carmen. It’s all-inclusive, so we were most excited to order all the yummy vegan food. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of food quality because I always hear mixed reviews when it comes to all-inclusive stays, but I can tell you we had some incredible vegan dishes here. I still dream about the chilaquiles from time to time.

The main thing I can say about this place is the vibes are impeccable. I’m very much into the energy of a place, along with the aesthetics, and truly the overall atmosphere has a huge impact on whether I like a place or not. We were instantly at peace when we walked into the lobby, greeted with a cold beverage, a hot towel, and friendly faces. The resort focuses on sustainability and being eco-friendly so you are given a stainless steel tumbler to enjoy your drinks in while you are there. We rode a golf cart to our hotel room, the jungle encompassing the resort on the entire opposite side. We even saw some small wild animals cross our paths! We were already mesmerized but when we got to the room it was an even more magical experience.We had a seafront room with the most gorgeous view of crystal blue waters, white sand, and the resorts many pools underneath. I was already ready for a room service breakfast moment on the balcony.

You have a choice of various restaurants at the resort, ranging from Mexican food, to Asian food, Mediterranean food, and even a vegan taco truck. Each restaurant has a different vibe, and we had so much fun trying a different one each night. We didn’t even get to try them all – so we must go back. I’ve traveled around the world as a vegan, and it’s never impossible, but it does take extra planning. It was beyond incredible to be able to order room service and get anything on the menu, no modifications needed. On the days we hung out by the beach or the pool it was amazing to order some nachos for a snack. I’ve never been able to fully relax on vacation like I did here.

That said, there is no shortage of things to do if laying on the beach or in the pool is not your thing. They have art classes, sound baths, yoga classes and more. You’ll be able to grab a bicycle at any time and explore the resort. On the last day I visited the spa for a massage and it was one of the best massages I’ve ever had. There’s a small cenote in the spa area you can even take a dip in if you want to.


We were in awe the entire time. It felt like we had truly dropped into paradise made for our happy vegan souls. Have you ever been to a vegan resort?

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