My Quarantine Haircare Routine

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I know many of us are in this position and can relate — but I was scheduled to have a haircut literally the DAY the lockdown order was placed. Little did I know I’d have 2 whole months to try to figure out my hair on my own! It’s actually a nice challenge trying to figure out what works for my hair.

I’ve always felt like I washed my hair too frequently. I typically go every 2-3 days because if not my hair tends to fall flat and get greasy. In quarantine, however, I’ve had the benefit of trying new products and new routines and not worrying if it ends up being a fail — because no one will see it but me! (And Jesse and the dogs, but they’ve seen me at all states.) I wanted to see how long I could go without washing my hair. I have friends that only wash their hair once every week or even TWO! Can you imagine how good that is for your hair?

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Washing it not only dries it out tremendously, but it also forces you to use some sort of heat product (unless your hair dries perfectly, in which case, I’m extremely jealous of you).

I’ve also wanted to use less resources. Knowing how quickly things can change and how wasteful I’ve been in the past made me reconsider a lot of things — Do I really NEED a shower that long? Do I need to use paper towels? How can I be less wasteful and help the environment? Using less water is an easy way to do that.

I love how Waterl<ss came to be. They started with a small team of scientists who were looking to improve the non-wash day experience for all different types of hair and people. As they came up with technology, a situation emerged in Cape Town, South Africa where the city announced it was 3 months away from running out of water for the entire city of 4 million people. This was the perfect opportunity to test their products in a dire situation where water truly was not an option. The Waterl<ss products allow you to refresh your hair without a single drop of water.


SO, my new routine is as follows:

Day 1: Shower, let my hair air dry as much as possible, then follow up with the Waterl<ss Heat Protectant Spray and curl with a thin, 1-inch barrel curling iron. I usually use a 1.5-inch barrel but I’ve decided to embrace my natural wave (otherwise I’d have to blowdry or flat iron it before curling it). It gives me volume and looks cute in a messy bun or ponytail for later in the week. The curl also holds really well.

Day 2: Apply Waterl<ess No Residue Dry Shampoo to the roots of my hair, fluff it up and flip it over. Then add the Waterl<ss Weightless Smooth Dry Conditioner to the middle and ends of my hair (this product makes your hair soft, glossy and GORGEOUS). I love it.

Day 3: I’ll assess the situation on this day. If I work out, I’ll repeat the same process on day 2 but if not, I’ll let it be and let the natural oils do their thing. I find the bangs almost always need a little bit of dry shampoo but that’s about it.

Day 4: Repeat the process of Day 2. Make sure you brush through your hair after applying the product to get it to cover all the hair.

Day 5: Assess the situation! Lately, I’ve been making it to day 5 and not hating my hair – which has never happened before! I’ll either shower this day or the next day and start the process all over.


I hope you guys found this routine helpful! It’s really been keeping me sane with all of the craziness in the world. I want to feel like myself at home, but I also don’t want to be spending time every day focused on my hair. This is the perfect solution.

You can grab these products on Amazon here. Let me know what your Quarantine haircare routine is in the comments!

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