Why You Should Get A Bidet (I Did)

I’m going to tell you why you should get a bidet. This blog post is especially relevant (and hopefully helpful) considering our current climate. That said, long before COVID-19 was on our radars, Jesse and I were considering upping our toilet game by getting a bidet add-on.

Some of this might be TMI for a few of you, so if you’re not into it, there’s plenty of other content for you here. We are long-time fans of flushable wet wipes, as dry toilet paper is just NOT the business. When we heard there is such a thing as a bidet attachment for your toilet we needed to know more. I was always under the impression if you wanted a bidet, you’d need to upgrade your entire toilet to some fancy shmancy thing and it seemed like a whole ordeal. Not the case! We heard about Tushy from a friend and would contemplate at least once a week on whether or not we should take the plunge (lol).

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Enter #toiletgate2020 a la the pandemic we know as COVID-19. I’m not sure about where you guys live… but where I live, toilet paper flew off the shelves faster than you could blink. This still confuses me to this day… and I hope the people sitting on their 200 rolls of toilet paper are happy while the rest of us try to find a solution to a problem that shouldn’t have happened. ANYWAYS I digress. We luckily have a REASONABLE amount of toilet paper to get us through, but this fiasco had us thinking about how we can reduce our toilet paper use.

All that to say, we placed an order on Tushy and laughed in the faces of all the toilet paper hoarders. I mean we didn’t, because #socialdistancing… but we did in our minds!

We got the white/bamboo Tushy Classic, which connects to your toilet tank. If you’re lucky enough to be able to hook up to your sink (ours is across from our toilet, so it wouldn’t work), you can upgrade the experience with the Tushy Spa where you can have warm water. (We don’t mind the cold, but having the option of warm would be nice on colder days!)

tushy bidet, bidet, bidet attachment, how to use a bidet, eco-friendly, sustainable, squatty potty, cute squatty potty

Of course we couldn’t stop at just the bidet when the CUTEST squatty potty of all time exists — the Tushy Ottoman.

We were surprised at how easy the install was. It took us a few minutes with the right tools. The bidet sits just underneath the toilet seat and it comes with little rubber stoppers that keep it from sliding around. AND it looks so cute. I love the variety of colors it comes in, so that no matter what your bathroom decor is — you won’t have an eyesore of a bidet.

tushy bidet, bidet, bidet attachment, how to use a bidet, eco-friendly, sustainable, squatty potty, cute squatty potty

I only had to use them ONE time to tell you both products 100% change the game. WAY less toilet paper is used, and you will never feel more fresh and clean. I love that we are creating less waste AND saving money on toilet paper at the same time.

Obviously paying for toilet things isn’t the most exciting purchase of all time — but for something you use every day — I think it’s worth the upgrade.

I asked Tushy if I could have a coupon code to share with you all, and they were nice enough to give me one so if you use code HAGLER you can get 10% off.

Here’s affiliate links for the products:

Tushy Classic

Tushy Ottoman


  1. Nisha
    Friday, June 12, 2020 / 6:06 pm

    I’m sold. I want a birthday bidet.

  2. Becky
    Thursday, June 18, 2020 / 7:03 am

    As someone who works in a field related to the wastewater industry, I feel compelled to comment that “flushable” wet wipes should NEVER, EVER be flushed down the toilet. They clog up municipal sewer pipes and cause serious damage; cities have been fighting with these companies for years to get the word “flushable” taken off the label. Also, bidets rock and everyone should get one!

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