The Perfect Sunless Tan: Tips & Tricks

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jergens natural glow instant sun sunless tanning mousse

I’m naturally extremely
fair-skinned but I prefer to have a tan year-round.  I know some
people who look absolutely stunning with fair skin, but unfortunately, I don’t
prefer it on me.  I think a huge part of confidence is how you feel on the
inside – if you feel good, you’ll project that to others.  If you feel
like you look good on the outside, you’ll feel good on the inside.  It’s a perfect
I have been using self-tanner for
years (since 7th grade!) so I’ve had a lot of experience with mishaps, and
poorly made products.  I also have picked up a few tips along the way that
I hope you will find helpful!  In this post I’m trying the Jergens® Natural Glow® line and oh boy, is it
good.  The fact that it can be bought in a drug store makes me do an
extra happy dance.   

jergens sunless tanning mousse

jergens sunless tanning

Step 1
EXFOLIATE.  I cannot stress enough how important this step is, and how
often it’s skipped.  There are a few reasons this is so important, but if
you really think about it, your skin is constantly shedding.  If you put
self tanner on top of dead skin, it’s going to flake off, leaving you with a
splotchy tan.  I started with the Jergens® Natural Glow® Color Primer
In-Shower Scrub which smells like a dream and really leaves your skin feeling
fresh and smooth – just what we want!
Step 2
Put a
tiny amount of lotion on the tops of your hands, feet, knees, and elbows.
 The skin is very thin in these spots and will absorb self-tanner much
more quickly.  If you skip this step, you can expect to have dark brown
elbows and knees for a week. 
Step 3
the tanning mousse to your body with
a tanning mitt.  I found this one on Amazon (Get it here.)  I have found
that this is the absolute best way to apply self tanner.
 You don’t get it on your hands (which is self-tanning
nightmare #1), and it blends leaving no streaks… provided you apply in a
circular motion.  You can use a makeup brush to blend out any streaks that are being 
Make sure you start at your legs
and work your way up.  If you start at the top and work your way down, you
risk getting creases where you’ve just applied tanner and bent over to reach
your legs. 
I usually ask for help with my
back, but if no one is there I reach around to get the tops of my
shoulders and sides at the very least. 
Step 4
a good moisturizer like the Jergens® Natural Glow® Tan Extender daily.  Once your tan starts
to fade to an undesirable color, repeat the process all over again. 
I cannot stress how much of a fan
I am of these products.  I have spent the same amount on a self tanner
(with nothing else) for the amount I spent on all three of these products.
 You can pick them up at your drug store, which makes it extra convenient.
 I applied this stuff two weeks ago and have only re-applied once.  I
feel like I’ve had a nice healthy glow which makes me feel radiant on the
inside and outside.  I love that I can control how dark I get, and I know
I’m not harming my skin (unlike the sun!).
Do you guys love self-tanner as
much as I do?  Do you have any tips or tricks I might have missed here?
 (I love finding out how other people use products–hence why I watch so many Youtube 

Life’s too short to spend hours in the sun. Tan in an Instant with
the Jergens® Instant Sun® collection. (Get a
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  1. Wednesday, May 27, 2015 / 5:50 pm

    I use self-tanner all the time. My bf complains about how it smells/makes the sheets smell, but EVERY one I've tried does that no matter what. Great to read some more reviews & I clearly need that mitt!

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