What I’m Buying + What I Want For The NEW Place

First, if you haven’t seen my empty home tour — check that out.

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The living room is going to probably go through the most changes as our old decor doesn’t really go with the new Spanish style of the home. I also think we both need a break from pink. I found this gorgeous green palm leaf rug and knew it would be the perfect rug to give us a break from pink. The green compliments the warm wood of our home much better and I love how it looks with gold and black — which is what most of my existing decor consists of.

The other pieces are things I have my eye on but haven’t pulled the trigger on yet. I’m in love with how the club chairs have pull out ottomans — which will hopefully make them more comfortable but also compact. I don’t want the room to feel like it’s full of furniture but I also need places for people to sit. My main concern is I don’t want to have TOO much velvet. We have a velvet couch (if you saw my house tour you know), so I’m wondering if a different fabric would work better.

We do have an amazing credenza but the issue is it’s a few inches too high. We are putting the TV under the staircase and are already having to downsize to make it fit. I just don’t want it to look like clunky over there. I looooove the gold & wood combination of this credenza and feel like it looks so pretty with the rug and chairs.

And finally, some little cocktail tables are a fun way to have extra table space without taking up too much room.

We definitely need some sort of patio seating in this place and I’m loving the above sofa. I think it will be the perfect place to lounge with the pups and get some sun.

We had to get new curtains for the bedroom as we had blinds in our old place. I love the curtain rod above as it gives such a high-end look. I went with a Belgian linen to offset the velvet headboard so it’s not quite so glam… but I love how linen has a nice weight and texture to it that doesn’t feel cheap either.

The bathroom needed a shower curtain and trashcan. I love the look of “hotel style” things, so I went with this simple curtain with a grey border to tie in the grey-ish tiles in the bathroom. I wanted to have an open basket with fresh white towels to use since we don’t have much storage space. The trashcan might seem like a silly thing to link but I LOVE that it hides the bag and has such a clean, sleek look to it.

We got new desks for the office and we are in LOVE with these. They offer so much space and are such good quality for the price.

Finally, I’m obsessed with plants so I’m eyeing these box planters for the patio, as well as the little herb planters to start my own herb garden.

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