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I recently went in for my second round of Forma (aka “Red Carpet Lift”) Treatment, and (as promised) am going to share my experience with you all. Don’t forget to read about my first treatment here, so you can get the low-down on exactly what the treatment is, what it entails, and how it feels.

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My second treatment was done a week after the first treatment, as they recommend you space them about a week apart for the best results. I was already super impressed with the first treatment, so I was excited for my second treatment.

We focused on the same areas of concern as before — my smile lines, cheeks, neck, and underneath my chin. This time we also added the treatment around my eyes (on the sides and underneath).

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    • My skin has never looked more “fresh” or youthful — ever! No amount of moisturizer or face masks can do what this treatment does.
    • I’ve noticed a significant decrease in my smile lines – especially when wearing makeup, which was a huge concern of me and I’m loving the results.
    • Improvement in skin texture – my skin has definitely improved to a more smooth, even texture which means I’m more confident out and about with no makeup on, and when I do wear makeup it goes on more evenly.
    • It’s non-invasive and not painful at all! I get really scared of treatments that might hurt my face — I’ve had laser scar removal on a scar above my top lip and it’s the most painful thing I’ve ever done. I was nervous that this treatment (because it involves heat) would be painful as well but it actually feels so nice and almost soothing.
    • There’s nothing artificial about it. I love that it’s 100% my collagen doing it’s thing to make my skin the best it can be. I’m not necessarily against fillers or anything like that — but definitely appreciate the fact that you can achieve a similar result without doing something so invasive.



    • Results are not 100% immediate. As I said in my last post, the collagen rebuilds over time. I definitely see an improvement right after the treatment, but then it gets even better as the days go on. If you are looking for an overnight transformation, this is not going to be the treatment for you. You’ll have to be patient, but it’s worth it.
    • I definitely still see some neck lines, but I think that’s because they are so deep, and the skin is so thin there, that it’s not going to be able to 100% get rid of them. I am okay with that, because they do look a bit fainter and the rest of my face looks so amazing. The good news is, there are so many non-surgical treatment options at Parfaire that you can discuss with the doctor if there’s something that bothers you. I might look into that, but first I’ll see how my third treatment works with the neck lines. I will keep you posted.

More on the non-surgical treatments — I loved talking with Dr. Moses about all the non-surgical treatment options at Parfaire. So many people look into invasive plastic surgery options before exploring non-surgical treatments. (Probably because we see more of the invasive plastic surgery options on TV, done by movie stars, etc.) Dr. Moses talked to me about all the options there are including non-surgical breast lifts, nose jobs, face lifts, and more. I was amazed by how many options there are and have been telling anyone who’s told me they want some sort of surgery done. It’s definitely worth a look before exploring something super invasive and permanent.

As far as the Forma treatment goes, even after only having two sessions I can highly recommend it. Dr. Moses said she has a lot of brides come in for this treatment, or celebrities before they hit the red carpet (hence its nickname). If you have a big event coming up like your wedding, I think this is a must. You could spend a ton of money on skincare products, facials, etc. but you won’t get quite the fresh faced “glow” you get from Forma. It really is something magical.

Make sure you check out Parfaire for all the services they offer, and make sure you stop by if you’re in the Pasadena area! I’ve recommended them to my mom and closest girlfriends, so you know I have to recommend them to you guys as well.


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    Thank you for sharing the details! It sounds much better than I thought, and I love how it’s 100% natural!

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