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Before I left for Italy I wanted to make sure Jesse and I had enough vegan snacks to eat on our trip. I knew Italy would be an extremely vegan-friendly country, but you never know where you might end up. It doesn’t hurt to have options — especially for long flights. I was so glad I made this order beforehand as we ate every single snack we brought! (We are just very hungry people –cough by we I mean me–, but most of this was due to the fact we had delayed and cancelled flights on our way back home that left us in the airport for almost 36 hours.)

In this video you’ll see the snacks I brought, along with some beauty products (sunscreen, face masks, etc.)  I made this order through a site that’s new to me called Thrive Market, which is essentially an online Costco with more health-conscious options. You pay a yearly membership but get products at a massive discount, delivered straight to your door. I love the convenience of having things delivered.

Being that I’ve already been on my trip and have already tried all these snacks, I can say I highly recommend all of the products mentioned in the video. I’m an especially big fan of the Inca Corn and Rice Crackers. If you like chips or anything crunchy, these are a must.

Make sure you check out Thrive Market. When you sign up HERE you can get 25% off plus free shipping off your first order. (P.S. Let me know if you make an order and how you like it!)

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