5 Ways To Get Out of a Mid-Day Funk

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Have some espresso. If you drink caffeine, I find this is a great one. I typically have a regular coffee in the morning but find that around mid-afternoon I start to get tired and sluggish. I recently got a Nespresso machine and oh my goodness, it’s a game changer. Once I start to get tired or distracted, I fire up the Nespresso and pop in one of my favorite pods from Gourmesso. I love the Colombia flavor as well as the vanilla if I’m craving something sweet.

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Go for a walk outside. Vitamin D is no joke — we need it and we don’t get enough of it! If you’re anything like me, most days you’re chained to your computer and barely leave to get some sunshine. I actually find that now that I’m self-employed I go outside even less some days! When I had a structured break it made it much easier to get some fresh air. Now I pretty much have to force myself to get outside. I usually will use this time to take the dogs for a mid-day walk — they love it, and I come back feeling more motivated and energized.

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Play a podcast. I am such a podcast JUNKIE lately! I love to have something going on in the background while I’m working. Lately I’ve been listening to more motivational podcasts that get me inspired. I love #ASKGARYVEE because he is such a hustler, and always has the right thing to say to get me motivated. I find it’s impossible to be lazy when you’ve got a motivational talk going on.

5 ways to get motivated, ways to get out of a mid day funk, how to get out of a mid day funk

Workout. Ugh I know… it’s that word you don’t want to hear but you know it’s true. I’m always 50x more energized when I get out of a workout, than if I haven’t worked out that day. I try to go about 3 times a week but this year I really want to get on a better schedule of going 5 times a week (once every work day).

5 ways to get out of a midday funk, how to get out of a mid day funk

Eat something! Sounds simple enough but I think a lot of us get distracted and forget to eat other than our lunch. I find having a small snack really helps. You guys know I eat a vegan diet and have for a year and a half, and I really find a huge difference when what I’m eating has no animal products or dairy in it. I love hummus and carrots, or chips and salsa if I’m feeling like something salty. (And don’t forget breakfast! Get three of my favorite breakfast ideas – including these pancakes here).

I hope you guys found this tips helpful and special thanks to Gourmesso for helping sponsor this post! (All opinions are 100% my own of course – I make a mean daily latte and that’s no joke!)





  1. Sunday, January 29, 2017 / 1:39 pm

    Thank you for sharing this great blog post and it is a great reminder to motivate yourself to take better care of your health! Happy Sunday❤️ Xoxo

  2. Sunday, January 29, 2017 / 2:35 pm

    Loved this post! Totally going to use these tips

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